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• Are you often stressed?
• Are you having conflicts in your relationships?
• Are you simply looking for personal growth?
• Do you feel unhappy, stuck, confused and hopeless?
• Are you frequently experiencing uncomfortable feelings?
• Sadness, anger, fear, worry, anxiety, jealousy, guilt, frustration.....?

• All the feelings you are experiencing have a purpose!
They signal that something is wrong or missing in your life!

But often we either run away, deny, suppress our emotions or we become consumed by our emotions.
Judging yourself or immediately acting out your emotions may not effectively fulfill your need.

Feelings are there to guide us!

They direct our attention and signal the need for change.
In therapy I will help you Identify, Acknowledge, Attend and Accept your FEELINGS.
Avoiding feelings does not make them and their effects go away.

Sometimes these feelings are residuals from the past unmet needs.
It needs professional attention to differentiate what emotion is from the past and does not help the present situation and what emotion has a functional message for the present.

Together, we can explore and identify the functionality of these emotions, identify your need and help you develop necessary skills to fulfill your needs and achieve your goals, & Bring peace and acceptance to your life.

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